I wrote this as we were jetting across the countryside from Switzerland to Paris.

Storm clouds are brewing above the green. (It’s green everywhere in Europe.) Ahhhh Lucerne… What can I say? Something out of a movie? A postcard? I really wish I could adequately describe my infatuation with this tiny 19th Century town. Words do not give its beauty justice. Neither do the photos. It was soft on the eyes and allowed me to think; yet at the same time, so captivating and hypnotising. From her rolling green hills with her snow peaked mountains and dark, sharp-edged pine cones, to her medieval architecture… I feel like I’m in a finely detailed Christmas painting or snow globe. Fairy winter wonderland are the words that come to mind. Especially in Lucerne where the mountains rise so high above the town beneath, you feel as though you’ve been engulfed into a world entirely of its own.