There’s no doubt that a new age of blogging has risen. There are so many fashion, lifestyle, sport, writing, ANYTHING blogs and let’s face it we love them. So I thought I’d rack up my five favourite blogs that inspired me to start my own and that I still read religiously. No particular order by the way.

  1. Harper and Harley (Sara Donaldson)

This site is perfect for those who love a minimalistic and chic black, grey and white philosophy. This chick knows how to keep it simple and oh so classy. Once you’ve read one post you’ll just keep on clicking!

     2. Zanita Studio (Zanita Whittington)

A word of warning once you jump on to this blog there is NO turning back! I am obsessed with this lifestyle, food, fashion, career advice, etc., etc., etc. blog. This easy-to-navigate blog is basically for creative people in the world with whatever interest it may be or wanderers just looking for a bit of inspiration. Zanita’s writing style is so welcoming and relatable and is perfect for any blogger just looking for a few ideas.

     3. Shine by Three (Margaret Zhang)

The epitome of creativity and class. Her wild-like yet sophisticated posts will have you browsing through every possible piece she has. Also recommend jumping on her Instagram for clean, crazy and beautiful photos.

      4. Oracle Fox (Amanda Shadforth)

The lovely Oracle Fox is the number one stop for all fashion-goers with sharp, cool editorial posts, also with an eye for interior design.

      5. World of Wanderlust (Brooke Saward)

Originally, The Apollo Studio was just going to be a fashion blog and mainly because of how much I love WOW. Brooke’s exciting and innovative travel posts will have you running for the airport, bags packed and all! With advice on particular destinations or luxury and budget travel, this travel blog puts a unique spin on how to dominate your next vacation.

Image Credit Source: Beige