1. Windsor

Claiming residence to the royal family in the historic Windsor castle, Windsor simply oozes elegance and everything British. Known for its famous horse events and stunning racecourses, Windsor is the perfect place to go to if you want to avoid the overflow of tourists but still stay close to England’s capital.

                                                                 Windosr #1

2. Bath

Independent, creative, unique and stylish, Bath is the only place in the UK where you can bathe in naturally hot spa water and original Roman Baths.


3. Brighton

Perfect for either summer or winter, Brighton is known for its perfect seaside position and is very popular for its creative and cultural lifestyle. With copious amounts of places to eat and stay, Brighton has adequately adjusted to the growing tourism while managing to stay true to its historic and artistic ways. A must see: Royal Pavillion!!

        Brighton #2

4. Oxford 

I have raved about Oxford before and with good reason. IT’S AMAZING!!!! Everything about this place screams English culture. From the climbing architecture to the cunning looking gargoyles. It truly is something to behold. You feel smarter just walking around the colleges. It’s what you see in the movies about Great Britain… what you hear in the stories. Inquisitive, classy, proper, ancient. Just go and see it for me. Please?? x


5. Cambridge 

Pretty much the twin sister of Oxford so like I previously stated: Just do it.

              Cambridge #1

6. St Albans

Renowned for being home to quite a few prestigious colleges, St Albans is one place that tends to be forgotten but most certainly should not be. Occupied by many ancient Roman and medieval architecture, it is also home to many lush green parks and a very relaxing countryside.

            St Albans

7. Colchester

With a mixture of contemporary and cultural heritage, Colchester is the oldest recorded town in Great Britain. Only a few minutes away from the coast and situated at the gateway of East Angelica, Colchester is the perfect place for a speedy retreat in a picturesque town.


8. Winchester

Winchester is considered to be one of the cosiest and classiest places in the UK. With the gorgeous River Itchen and one of the largest Farmer’s Markets in the UK Winchester is often “the place to be”.


9. Cardiff

Cardiff has grown fast in popularity over the past few years. The Welsh capital has strong historic roots but has also become quite modernised with the incoming tourists. Renowned for their rugby and infamous Grand Prix track, Cardiff’s sporting culture is a prominent one. With a vibrant nightlife and a romantic waterfront, Cardiff caters for almost every type.


10. Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the biggest party stops in the UK. With so many choices, the nightlife is both hectic and enjoyable beyond words. While sport is big as well, Liverpool is big when it comes to music and entertainment. Being the birthplace of the all time greats The Beatles, you will always find live music playing somewhere or buskers jammin’ in the streets.

Liverpool #1                                   Liverpool #2


Images credit source: Buzzfeed, Chelsey Pippin. UK