Night bag packed and excitement rising, our weekend getaway to the Victorian countryside was a-go! With my grandparents (on my mothers side) in Bendigo, it was a good excuse to make a weekend of it.

About an hour and a half out of Melbourne we stopped at Macedon for the afternoon and evening. There’s something reinvigorating and refreshing about the crisp and fresh country air. After entering a food coma at Mr Macedon, we ventured out to enjoy the green and lush beauty that Macedon had to offer. Surrounded by the most quaint cottages filled with flowering plants, we roamed the botanical gardens that presented us with an abundant amount of wildlife. We also enjoyed one of their many fine wineries. While sipping on one of their estate grown wines in front of a very dim-lit fire (as spring has now sprung), an acoustic version of The Beatles music chimed in the background.

We spent the evening at the Woodend Villa. This perfect little hideaway was filled with a mix of European and rustic ornaments, giving it a minimalistic and authentic feel to it.

Our evening however, finished off in Bendigo at my grandparents house. Bendigo is perfect in spring. With blossoms a-bloom left, right and centre and foggy mornings, you truly do feel “at one with the world”. After eating dinner in the Golden Square town that reminded me much of French Louisiana, I tucked into bed feeling more content than ever. As beautiful as that day had been, I actually loved just lying in my bed. Wooden bed-stand and the world’s thickest doona cover. Staring up at the lace curtains and bunny-rabbit looking ceiling fan, I felt like a little child again as I reminisced on the many nights I’d spend there before.

So as long as you have a healthy appetite and taste for relaxation and nature, country Australia is your next go-to.

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