I’m not one for travelling alone. I’m often jet setting with family, friends, boyfriends etc. and almost every time prior to leaving I watch in frustration as my counterpart dives into a frenzy of anxiety. It may just be me, or maybe there are others who feel this way, either way, for those stress-heads out there who do get nervous pre-travel, I thought I’d share some tips on how to keep it mellow.

  • Be Prepared

You have probably booked your flight and accom months in advance so you know that you’re going, why not stay organised? Get your global sim sorted, get your travel cash sorted and start making a list of things you want to take and start packing earlier than the night before.

  • Have Backup

I’ve experienced first-hand a vacation of a lifetime turn into a nightmare. So to alleviateย any additional stress, my advice is have a plan B. Getting travel insurance should be at the top of your list and if you have a few health complications, either get them sorted before you go or have contacts (friends, hospitals) in other countries that can help you and get you home safely. Have those flu shots and pack those vitamins!

  • Try and Enjoy it

And lastly… It’s a vacation! You’ve planned this voluntarily, they’re meant to be something you look forward to. Try replacing stress with excitement and prepare with anticipation wondering what you’ll do and where you’ll go while you pack.