1. You care less about what people think- A stronger sense of self is much more prevalent and the opinion of other’s is simply inferior to that of your own.
  2. You have a stronger sense of the world- It hits everyone at some stage in their lives but most people catch the travel bug in their early to mid 20’s. They/ we want to see the world, try new food, meet new people, see new things. It’s overpowering, contagious and the best possible bug to have 🙂
  3. A surge in independence- To anyone who know me knows I was once an extremely lazy person. But as I’ve matured and as my parents (in my mind- start to leave me stranded), give me more responsibilities, I’ve come to realise just how much they do for me and just how much I need to start doing.
  4. More gratitude- As stated above, you start to realise all the incredible things different people have done for you, and that the world doesn’t owe you a thing.
  5. That being kind goes a long way- Yes, sometimes it can be easier said than done, but it’s amazing what a smile and some kind words can do to not only your own, but another persons day.
  6. It’s all a lot harder than it looks- Most of us had the plan to reach a 6-figure salary by the time we were 26 right? Lemme guess things didn’t turn out exactly as planned. The tragic reality is that kind of success is probably going to need countless amounts of sleepless nights, lost weekends and a hell of a lot of hard work before we even think about seeing those kind of numbers.
  7. It’s all amazing when you slow it down- When we were young it was so exciting when we had a birthday. We were going to be one whole year older. We were going to be grown ups soon. As cheesy as it may sound we were in such a rush to grow up and be adults with freedom that we forgot to stop and smell the roses. And now… Now that we are actually starting to grow up and do “adult things”, that we forgot about our newly found freedom and still haven’t smelt those roses. Take a walk, meditate, read a book.
  8. Social media isn’t everything- The best laughs and memories are actually going on outside of your phones.
  9. Actually do what you love- Sing, dance, start cooking, take up photography, start a sport, whatever! Just make sure you love it.
  10. Enjoy every second- AND MAKE. IT. COUNT!!!!