I hope you are all having a fantabulous 2017 so far and your resolutions have not yet dwindled away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve never been great with new year resolutions so I just tried to keep it simple this year: less naps during the day, moisturise more often and make meditation as part of my regime.

So far so good and a month and a half after the ball dropped for 2016, I am only just starting to reap the benefits of regular meditation. Now do not be fooled, this was so much harder than I anticipated. I downloaded the app HeadSpace in hope to simply do the “take 10 mins” program once a day in the morning.

Was not the case. Not only was I forgetting to make the time to embed it into my routine but I also struggled to remain so focused for 10 mins on nothing but my breathing and my surroundings. I’ve always been an over thinker but turning my thoughts off completely was much trickier than I thought.

Luckily Iย was repeated told byย Andy (the guy that guides you through the session), that it is totally normal to have your thoughts trail and that you merely need to “observe” these changes.


  • Less Overthinking: Not only when I meditate but in general!!!! It’s the simplest stress less trick in the book and it WILL work.
  • Sleep Better: This basically comes with the whole less overthinking thing. I cherish my sleep as much as the next person but when life, work and uni gets in the way, sleep tends to take a backseat while the mind goes into overdrive. ย Again, it’s all about focusing on the breathing.
  • Stronger immunity: I don’t know how it works… but it does. It releases some chemical in the body that strengthens all organs and lowers blood pressure. This is a long term benefit that I am yet to reap but fingers crossed!!
  • Increases productivity and concentration: Because you aren’t thinking about everything else you should be thinking about and you’re not stressing about stressing! You can calmly and collectively focus.
  • Encourages happiness and a positive lifestyle: You’re in a better mood! You’re not overthinking as much and you’re letting life go the way it should!