Have you ever heard the song “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker”?

Or the line where the singer says, “I was born too late. In a world that doesn’t care”?

It gives the era that we live in some pretty bad connotations. Either on the news or social media or even in civil conversation the phrases, “I’m sad for the world we live in” or “I’ve lost faith in humanity”, or “things are only going to get worse” comes up far too often. Now I understand how this article may make me sound. But I am NOT blind. I am aware that yes there is war, and yes there is poverty and corruption, etc. For a long time, I too was apart of this group of people (majority of the world) who believed that mankind would inevitably become its own demise. In some ways I still agree with this notion.

But once I finished school and was forced to start formulating my own opinions about this wide world I live in. I learnt that although we have our problems (which planet doesn’t) it isn’t actually as bad as we always make it out too be. Here are a few reasons why the 21st Century will not be our apocalypse:


  • Little do some know that the era we are currently living is by far the most peaceful we’ve had in human history. By 1920 the world had already endured one Great War and were already preparing for a second, all while living in the biggest economic downfall on record! We are three years away from making that year a century old memory and although we’ve had our problems, it has been nothing compared to the calibre of what ensued after the World War One. Furthermore, in the past 50 years North America, Western Europe, Australia, the Soviet Union and Eastern Asia have not had any wars fought on their soil. Despite the opinions of a select few world leaders our wars and overall conflict is nowhere near as genocidle as we used to be. Compared to the Nazis who executed almost 3 million Jews, or Stalin who murdered too many souls to count, mass killings and homicide is at an all time low in most if not all parts of the world. No doubt there is a lot of global tension hanging around at the moment and a lot of people seem to think we are on the brink of war (I like to believe that international relations have come far enough to prevent this from happening again) and my real question about this particular topic is can humanity ever attain true peace?


  • Something that is often a result of war, developing countries and/or limited financial support is poverty. In areas such as Northern and Central Africa, South America and parts of Asia who are poverty stricken on regular a basis we must indeed try and assist. But what is privy to most people is that extreme poverty is currently at an all time low, thus providing people with much needed security, fresh water and produce and education. This is a similar case with relative poverty- where an individual’s level of income is below the standard of living. I am in no way suggesting that poverty and poor standards of living have in anyway been eradicated from society entirely, but I do believe we are taking the right steps to help heal those affected.


  • One thing I do see a LOT on social media and other news forums is how technology has consumed us and that we are no longer present and instead obsessed with the events occurring on our iPhone. While I do see this as a negative and believe this is true, I see many many positives that outweigh these issues when it comes to innovation and technological advancements.
    Cast your minds back to the 19th Century, when there were no phones, no computers and no immediate forms of communication other than face-to-face interaction. The only way distant loved ones, world leaders and foreigners interacted with each other was via letters which would often take weeks, or even months for a piece of vital information to reach the other end of the Earth.
    Now we can instantaneously find out if one of our friends or family members are injured, sick, happy or sad no matter where in the world they may be. We can even visit them in the space of a few hours if we needed to. We can discover global events in the space of a few hours and can share our opinions on a multitude of topics wiht a multitude of people. Not only this… Innovation has done so much more than just the enhancement of communication and the broadcasting of world affairs. We can now cure diseases like never before, we can send man to the moon and back and has brought together; people from all corner of the world through globalisation.
    There are 2 main things that have caused globalisation: Evolution and innovation. I like to think that people learn from their mistakes and when Woodrow Wilson formed the idea that later became the United Nations, I like to think we have. Globalisation has given way to open debates among both world leaders and civilisation itself. It has allowed conflicts to be resolved before they even happen.


  • Ok, this is a biggie and hits home for a lot of people and with good reason! Every second day the news is telling us new ways that people are being offended. Since the rise of US President Trump, this has become particularly apparent. But there has been change, has there not? Gone are the days of segregation between the white man and the coloured, women can now climb the corporate ladder as high as they desire, and homosexuality has evolved from being a mental disorder to being widely accepted across the globe. This section in NO WAY suggests that this problem has been resolved. I believe that humanity still has a lot of progress to make, but at the same time, I do believe we have come a long way.

Throughout this article, I am trying to articulate that global issues such as war, poverty and conflict is prevalent in any modern society. Always has been always will be. Does this make it ok? Of course not! It should always be on our list of things we MUST resolve and I am in no way suggesting we should condone these issues, merely stating it isn’t all bad